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Shop security roller shutters
The aesthetic appeal of Roller shutters on street locations or other areas of planning concern, has become a major factor in shutter design, involving local planning authorities. Councils are getting more involved in the decision process as they now often require more visually acceptable shutters in high profile areas, with the aim of improving the look of the area after shops and offices close.
Three of the main issues usually concerning Council authorities are listed below. However it is always advisable to check your individual councils requirements, with them before proceeding with any work:

Firstly, a visual panel is often required in the shutter to allow people to see into the shop with the shutter closed. This also appears to be an increasing demand from local fire authorities.

Secondly a colour coated finish prevents the heavy industrial look of galvanised steel, and can often be used to match the area or individual buildings colour scheme.

Finally the protrusion of the roller shutter and particularly the shutter box can cause concern.

These general requirements need to be balanced against the level of security provided by each product to decide on an appropriate compromise. Often the more visibility that is offered through the shutter usually results in a lower the level of security protection. Some solutions to the council requirements are displayed in the pictures below.

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Vision through the shutter examples:
School rollers
Perforated Shutter
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Offers some visibility along with good glass protection-provides transparent effect with back lighting
Punched Shutters
Punched Shutter
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Provide higher levels of visibility but some glass is exposed- Aluminium options are available that allow the spaces to be filled with a polycarbonate inserts, which provide an attractive glazed curtain with increased glass protection.
Tube + Link Shutters
Tube + Link Shutters
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Usually used as an internal grill , they have a strong deterrent effect but offer little glass protection. They can usually be allowed in areas with particularly sensitive planning requirements.
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Colour Coated Finishes examples:
Colour Coated Finishes example Colour Coated Finishes example Colour Coated Finishes example
A standard BS range of colours along with a full RAL colour choice is available, allowing the image of your shop to be carried through the roller shutter.
Hiding / restricting the protrusion of the shutter from the building examples:
Hiding / restricting the protrusion of the shutter from the building example
In conjunction with shop fitting work or new shop fronts , the shutter can be completely concealed, with no protruding boxes or guides.
Hiding / restricting the protrusion of the shutter from the building example
Boxes can also be hidden within a sign, facia or canopy.
Hiding / restricting the protrusion of the shutter from the building example
Internally fitted shutters are usually outside planning requirements, but offer no glass protection..
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Abstract image
Shopfront roller image
Shopfront roller image
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